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Latest News 28th March 2019

New Balblair Age-statement Collection Revealed.

Multi-award-winning Highland distillery, Balblair, has today (28 March 2019) unveiled its plans to release a new collection of age-statement single malt Scotch whiskies, which will be available in the UK this month and rolled out globally from April 2019.

The new series features four whiskies, each meticulously hand selected, all of which retain the distillery's unmistakable true Highland character and will replace all existing Balblair expressions.

Latest News 12th November 2018

Speyburn Limited Edition 18 Years Old Expression.

A celebratory release commemorating distillery manager Bobby Anderson’s 18th anniversary. To further amplify our core range, we have added a new permanent aged expression to our collection – Speyburn 18 Years Old.

To celebrate the addition of our first annual release of this special expression, we have dedicated it to our Distillery Manager, Bobby Anderson, to coincide with 2018 being his 18th year at the forefront of the Speyburn distillery.

Latest News 30th October 2018

Hankey Bannister 21 Year Old Expression re-launched as new blend and design unveiled.

Hankey Bannister, the award-winning blended Scotch whisky from International Beverage, has unveiled a striking new design and blend for its 21 Year Old Partners' Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky.

The company's Master Blender Stuart Harvey has hand selected rare and exceptional casks to craft the blend, each allowed to rest for a minimum of 21 years in the finest Spanish ex-sherry and ex-bourbon oak, as well as American oak ex-bourbon casks.

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